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Posted by admin On July - 22 - 2010

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Access.

Microsoft Access is a popular database that is used mostly by business users. It is easy for anyone to setup their own small database using Microsoft Access. It provides nice UI features to quickly access data from that, and even create forms to add data and generate reports. There are many free alternatives available that provide similar features and easy of use as Microsoft Access.Here are free alternatives to Microsoft Access that provide some of the similar features.

OpenOffce Base

OpenOffce Base is the best free alternative to Microsoft Access. OpenOffce Base is a module of OpenOffice, the popular free alternative for Microsoft Office. OpenOffce Base lets you easily create your own custom database for everyday need, and easily access data from that. It comes with a form wizard to create dialog windows for adding data, and generating reports. Base can also connect to other external databases, like, MySQL, PostgeSQL, and Oracle.

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Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X


Kexi is another good free alternative to Microsoft Access. Kexi or Kexi project is an open source data management application. Kexi is platform independent, and works with all major OS. Kexi can be used to create database, create tables, create forms, and manage data easily. Kexi can store data locally, or on a database server. Kexi has an advanced designer to intuitively create queries, and forms.

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Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X

Axisbase 1

Axisbase 1 is a good replacement for Microsoft Access. Axisbase 1 is a database system that lets you track all types of business information. Axisbase 1 provides an option to be used as a personal database like Microsoft Access, or as a full featured database like MySQL. You can run Axisbase 1 fully on your desktop, or run it on your server.

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Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X

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