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Posted by admin On July - 13 - 2010

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Quickbooks.

Quickbooks is a popular software for business accounting. It is a very useful bookkeeping software that lets you manage all the aspects of small and medium business accounting. However, it is quite pricey, and there are a few free alternatives available if you do not want to shell out lot of money.Here are free alternatives to Quickbooks that provide some of the similar features.

Quickbooks Free Version

Quickbooks Free Version is the best free alternative to Quickbooks. Many people are not aware that Quickbooks provide s Free Version as well. This free version of Quickbooks is pretty good if you just want to do basic business accounting. It has most of the features of the pro version, but limited in some manner. For example, you can manage only up to 20 customers and vendors contacts, limited number of reports are supported, and only 1 user can work at the same time. Still, this is a pretty good option if you are just starting with your business accounting, and this also gives you an opportunity to later upgrade to full version of Quickbooks.

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Works With: Windows        


GnuCash is another good free alternative to Quickbooks. GnuCash is probably the most popular open source business accounting software that provides a good free alternative to Quickbooks. GnuCash lets you use it for small business accounting, and track bank accounts, manage income and expense, and track stocks. It supports double entry bookkeeping, and Customers/Vendors/Invoices.

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PostBooks is a good replacement for Quickbooks. PostBooks is another open source accounting package. It is actually a full fledged ERP, Accounting, and CRM package for small  businesses. It stores all the data in PostgreSQL database, which  is also free. Postbooks includes Accounting, Sales, CRM, Purchasing, Inventory and Distribution, and various types of reporting.

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Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X

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