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Posted by Amit Gupta On August - 7 - 2014

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Safari Browser.

Safari Browser is a free and handy web browser for your computer. With the help of this web browser, you can surf and browse webpages, and explore the internet. It has various cool features such as: an attractive user interface, top sites, private browsing, resizable text fields, inbuilt RSS reader, automatic form filling, snapback, tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, bookmarks and tags, fast browsing speed,  coverflow, reading list and reading view, various themes and extensions, privacy and security options, and customizable toolbar etc. It keeps a collection of your bookmarks and Web links. Safari Browser also has the ability to import your bookmarks from other web browsers.Here are free alternatives to Safari Browser that provide some of the similar features.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the best free alternative to Safari Browser. Internet Explorer is a free, handy and reliable web browser for your computer. This freeware is very popular all across the globe. With the help of this freeware you can explore internet and access websites in an efficient way. There are lot of useful features in this free web browser, such as: just in time Java compiler, notification bar, InPrivate Browsing, new and enhanced tabs, SmartScreen phishing filter, quick browsing speed, enhanced 3D graphics rendering, support for the ECMAScript 6 standard components, reduced CPU power consumption, download manager, web slices, activex filtering, pinned sites, performance advisor, and streamlined design etc. Internet Explorer is a better alternative for Opera Browser.

Internet Explorer interface

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another good free alternative to Safari Browser. Google Chrome is a free and nice internet browser for your computer. It is a very popular internet browser all across the world. It is compatible with the latest web standards and technologies such as HTML5 and Flash. With the help of Google Chrome, you can surf the internet in a fast and safe way. Google Chrome has download manager built-in. Google Chrome has various key features such as data synchronization, privacy management, translator, inbuilt PDF reader, incognito mode, inbuilt pop-up blocker, and various themes and extensions etc. Google Chrome is a suitable alternative for Opera Browser, as it provides some really nice features.

Google Chrome interface

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a good replacement for Safari Browser. Mozilla Firefox is a handy, secure and free web browser for your computer. It is an extremely popular web browser all across the world. It offers a secure and fast web browsing experience. Mozilla Firefox has a wide variety of useful features such as spell checker, tabbed browsing, ads blocker, download manager, RSS reader, offline browsing, a wide variety of themes and extensions, tags and bookmarks, smart search, pop-up blocker, and pinned tabs etc. Mozilla Firefox is a stable and reliable web browser. If you are looking for a good replacement for Opera Browser, then you can try out this freeware.

Mozilla Firefox interface

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You can also check out alternatives to some other popular web browsers : Opera Browser, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

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