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Posted by Amit Gupta On September - 17 - 2014

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to SlimBrowser.

Slim Browser is a free and reliable internet browser for your computer. It offers you a wide variety of features e.g. inbuilt scriptpad, auto-login, fast search, automatic form filler, inbuilt pop-up killer, spell checker and tabbed browsing etc. This freeware lets you translate any webpage into various languages by using Babel Translation and Google Translation.  With the help of Slim Browser you can easily open many websites at one point of time. Its ad filtering utility filters the flash animations, floating pictures, banners and advertisements. Slim Browser comes with a pop-up killer also. You can also zoom out or zoom in the text of the web pages. Slim Browser also lets you disable or enable the flash animations, ActiveX control, Java applet, scripts, sounds, videos, and images in webpages.Here are free alternatives to SlimBrowser that provide some of the similar features.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser is the best free alternative to SlimBrowser. Opera Browser is a very popular, handy and free web browser for your PC. With the help of Opera Browser, you can surf the web in a safe and better way. Opera Browser is a fast and efficient web browser. Its key features are: off-road mode, download manager, various extensions and themes, private browsing mode, and history etc. Opera Browser lets you surf multiple websites at a time. If your internet connection is slow, then also Opera Browser works in a normal way. Opera Browser is a useful replacement for SlimBrowser as it is a reliable and safe web browser.

Opera Browser interface

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is another good free alternative to SlimBrowser. Google Chrome is a free and widely popular web browser for your PC. This free web browser is fully compatible with latest web technologies and web standards e.g. Flash and HTML 5. With the help of this freeware, you can surf the web in a safe and quick way. This freeware comes with inbuilt download manager. The important features of Google Chrome are: built-in pop up blocker, privacy management , PDF reader, incognito mode, translator, data synchronization, many themes and extensions, and much more. You can tryout this freeware if you are looking for a safe, faster and efficient web browser. Google Chrome is a suitable replacement for SlimBrowser.

Google Chrome interface

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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a good replacement for SlimBrowser. Mozilla Firefox is a free, safe and handy internet browser for your PC. Mozilla Firefox is a highly popular and widely used web browser across the globe. It lets you provide a fast and secure internet browsing experience. The key features of this free and reliable web browser are: pinned tabs, tabbed browsing , spell checker, smart search, pop-up blocker, bookmarks and tags, multiple extensions and themes, offline browsing, RSS reader, download manager, ad blocker and many more. Mozilla Firefox is a powerful and stable internet browser. Mozilla Firefox is a better alternative for SlimBrowser as it is a rock solid and fast web browser.

Mozilla Firefox interface

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You can also check out alternatives to some other popular internet browsers : Mozilla Firefox, Safari Browser and Opera Browser.

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