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Posted by Siddhartha On January - 20 - 2012

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Grammarly.

Grammarly is an online grammar checking and proofreading website. It is an automated proofreader and personal grammar coach. The website checks for grammar and punctuation mistake in your content. It also checks for writing style and errors in the content. Grammarly provide a detailed formated report of your content. From Grammarly, you can check you content online and can enhance your content quality. Here are some key benefits of Grammarly, that include:

  • Instantly proofread any text
  • Avoid plagiarism and checks for content originality
  • Provides detailed report of content
  • Enhance the vocabulary usage
Here are free alternatives to Grammarly that provide some of the similar features.


LanguageTool is the best free alternative to Grammarly. LanguageTool is a free online service for proofreading. It is a web-based service that provide style and grammar proofreading service to users. LanguageTool use its inbuilt rules for proofreading and checking grammatical mistakes of your content. This proofreader can read content in multiple languages. Features of LanguageTool include:

  • Proofread any text
  • Check content errors from inbuilt rules
  • Read different language text
You can also download LanguageTool software

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X


PaperRater is another good free alternative to Grammarly. PaperRater is another free web-based service for online content proofreading. It is a web-based automated tool for proofreading any text and for checking errors in a content. PaperRater also provides spell checking service online. You can check your content quality on PaperRater. It provides various facility for checking the content quality. Facilities provides by PaperRater include:

  • Grammar checking
  • Online text proofreading
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Provides writing suggestions
  • Title validation
  • Online vocabulary builder tool
  • Provides detailed report about content quality


Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X


SpellCheckPlus is a good replacement for Grammarly. SpellCheckPlus is an online grammar checking website. It checks for grammatical mistakes of a content. You can check spelling and grammar mistakes of your content – from SpellCheckPlus. Although it does not provide much functionality, but still, it is the best website for checking spelling and grammar mistakes. Here are some features of SpellCheckPlus:

  • Online spelling and grammar checking
  • Free web-based service
  • Quick content checking

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows    Linux    Mac OS X

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