3 Alternatives

This website gives 3 freeware alternatives to any paid software.

What is ‘3 Alternatives’ all about? We launched this website to list free alternatives to any paid or unpaid software. We will be listing 3 free alternative software to every paid or unpaid software that we come across. The freeware alternatives might not be completely full featured as there paid counterparts, but will provide good alternative.

This website was started with the sole purpose of providing information and alternatives to any given software. We come across new software everyday and as we come across these solutions we’ll put them on the website for everybody to read and benefit from.

The writers, who contribute to 3 Alternatives, research thoroughly and glean various tidbits of information that visitors may not have known existed.

By the way if you guys want to know, ‘We’ are Ishan and Jaya. We started this website because of our interest towards software and specially the ones freely available on the Internet. We are a rocking husband and wife team. We both have degrees in software. Apart from this website we also have couple of other websites revolving around the same topic of free software and technology.

This website was created because of our passion about blogging in general. We chose topic of free software because this is what we love, and consider ourselves to be small experts in this field.

The website itself is created using WordPress – world’s best blogging software (this is free too!), and is hosted with Dreamhost.

That was all about us. Subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep yourself updated as we find best free software for you.

3 Alternatives welcomes comments and other forms of input from visitors and encourages interaction. We would like if you leave your opinion on how we are doing with our goal of collecting and providing information on various software alternatives.