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Posted by Bhavesh On April - 15 - 2011

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Airfoil.

Airfoil lets you broadcast any audio of your choice from your PC to other computers and iOS devices usually within a short range like within your house. Airfoil also lets you integrate with ¬†AirPlay devices like the Apple TV and AirPort Express. Airfoil can be easily integrated and can capture audio from all major web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc and the same audio can be sent to any and all device(s) of your choice within a short range. So you’re no longer stuck streaming only iTunes to your AirPlay devices.Here are free alternatives to Airfoil that provide some of the similar features.


WiFi2HiFi is the best free alternative to Airfoil.

WiFi2HiFi is the best alternative to Airfoil. WiFi2HiFi lets you use your iPhone 4, iPhone 3, 3G, iPod touch, iPad into a wireless audio receiver which can receive audio from your stereo system or sound-dock. Using WiFi2HiFi Station which is a inbuilt app from WiFi2HiFi, you can even broadcast whatever audio is playing on your computer and can listen to the same on your iPhone. WiFi2HiFi provides a hassle free operation and even the broadcasted audio is of crystal clear quality. You can use WiFi2HiFi as an additional audio output of your computer and it is free to use.

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows        Mac OS X


Soundfly is another good free alternative to Airfoil. Soundfly is a utility that send audio from one Mac to another. It uses Apple’s built in AUNetSend and soundflower technologies. Soundfly come as a package containing an application that sends audio over the network and another that receives and plays the audio stream. If you want to configure the app you can press ALT when launching the app and you will be able to further configure the audio units. Soundfly is completely free to use.  


Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With:        Mac OS X


SpeakerShare is a good replacement for Airfoil. As the name suggests, SpeakerShare lets you receive audio from your Microsoft Windows based PC or Mac OS X to your speakers. This tiny software can prove to be a great tool if you like living wire-free. The broadcasted audio quality is quite good as it transfers audio in uncompressed PCM format and uses a bandwidth of 172 KBps which is better than standard MP3 format. Speakershare Uses Bonjour for discovering shared speakers on network and it buffers audio before playing on server side (1 second) so there are no issues while sending audio to your speakers. You can connect multiple speakers using SpeakerShare without fiddling with any wires at all.

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows        Mac OS X

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