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Posted by Ashish On March - 21 - 2011

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Publisher.

Few days back I came across Microsoft Publisher. First of all it is yet another product from Microsoft which lets you create and personalize your documents. It is basically a stripped down version of Microsoft Office. It has all the basic tools required but on a miniature level as compared to Microsoft Office. Publisher is a desktop publishing application. It is included in higher-end editions of Microsoft Office, reflecting Microsoft’s emphasis on the application as an easy-to-use and less expensive version for the more casual users. With this product presently carrying a price tag of $139.99 it is always wise to look for the free alternatives available in the web today.Here are free alternatives to Microsoft Publisher that provide some of the similar features.


Scribus is the best free alternative to Microsoft Publisher. Scribus is an Open Source program which is freely available for all. It brings professional page layout to Linux/UNIX, Mac OS X and Windows desktops with an amalgam of press-ready output and new techniques to page personalization and editing. Under the hood, Scribus has some very major and professional publishing features. To name some – color separations, CMYK and Spot Color support, ICC color management, and versatile PDF creation.


Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows        


PagePlus is another good free alternative to Microsoft Publisher. PagePlus is a free desktop publishing software that empowers you to make amazingly professional-quality documents for your home, school, business or club. The software requires no such heavy experience in document editing and publishing as it is simple in nature and comes loaded with an intuitive user interface.  With PagePlus you can create amazing greetings cards, flyer’s and posters with easy-to-use Templates or create your own unique designs for any special occasions. Even a desktop publishing novice will be able to use this software to its full potential and create fully personalized documents in minutes. With a whole host of preset document layouts, automated templates, fantastic color schemes, and artistic effects, this tool-set enables anyone to produce professional looking results.

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows        


OpenOffice is a good replacement for Microsoft Publisher. OpenOffice is so exotically designed that even the most demanding users will be totally satisfied with its overalls. It is the solid rival to MS Publisher as it includes powerful applications for making text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, diagrams, and databases, as well as HTML and XML documents. Not only does it let you edit basic documents, such as letters and faxes, it also handles equations, complex and multi-part documents with bibliographies, reference tables, and indexes. The GUI is similar to that of MS Publisher and sometimes even better features than that of MS Publisher. I am pleased to find the stability and the cross-platform support it provides, OpenOffice is a compelling option for anyone in search of an alternative desktop publisher

Application Home: Click Here      Review: Click Here

Works With: Windows        Mac OS X

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