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Posted by Ashish On March - 2 - 2011

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Visual Studio.

The days are by-gone when programmers had to type in code by hand. We live in an era when humans are assisted by the highest level of intelligence surpassing any limitations. The vastness in size and complexity of applications has led to the evolutionary process to introduce more sophisticated tools which enable developers to design, test and debug their programs. The name is Microsoft Visual Studio and the type is Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of which we are talking about. These packages are designed to work on all kinds of leading platforms. Without a second thought the best IDE for Windows developers is Microsoft’s Visual Studio. It is a very popular package that can be used to design, compile, test, debug and deploy Windows, Web and mobile applications using a variety of industry standard programming languages. With all the given features it’s a very good offering from the house of Microsoft but it does come with a hefty price tag, so why don’t you take a good look at the free alternatives and then decide which one to use.Here are free alternatives to Microsoft Visual Studio that provide some of the similar features.


SharpDevelop is the best free alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio. SharpDevelop is one such software which can give Microsoft Visual Studio a run for its functionalities. It has got a whole bag full of plus points on its side which can lure anybody to it. Once you have used SharpDevelop, you will get totally hooked on to its amazing color scheme and visual aesthetics. The features and the functionalities all add to its charm and there’s no looking back to Microsoft Visual Studio. SharpDevelop is a freely available open source IDE. It is the torch-bearer in the free alternatives to Microsoft Visual Studio and provides no bounds for working on any kind of technology. It is similar to Visual Studio .NET in both appearance and features. It allows you to develop all types of applications including ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and console. Well by now you should have been convinced enough to give it a try at the earliest.

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QuickSharp is another good free alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio. QuickSharp is also one of my “favourite alternatives” to Microsoft Visual Studio. QuickSharp is a free software. It is a handy development tool that provides a very simple and no nonsense interface which lets you complete your programming projects in a breath. QuickSharp is not just a development environment, it’s also a lightweight application framework which can be easily modified and extended using a simple plugin-based architecture. The QuickSharp IDE is developed entirely using this framework; which is called the QuickSharp.Core and you can use it to create your own, highly customized development environments. I know by the time you use it, you are going to be simply in love with its jaw-dropping functionalities.


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Webbo is a good replacement for Microsoft Visual Studio. The last alternative I found nearly close to Microsoft Visual Studio is Webbo. It is a free, open-source, lightweight development environment for Windows. Webbo provides you with a sophisticated, multi-file text editor with docking windows, color syntax highlighting, built-in HTML page preview and ‘Code Assist’ code completion for HTML, CSS and ASP.NET. One of the things which got me really hooked on to this software is that it just needs the basic of configuration to work properly. Also that it won’t capture all the resources of your computer but will also let other applications load. It does hold its fair share of resources but manages quite well to allow your computer to be fast and reliable for your work. The final verdict is that it is not bad to give a try to but obviously not better than the above options we looked at. So guys after this exhaustive read you should go ahead and definitely try your hand at the given alternatives.

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