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Posted by jaya On May - 17 - 2011

Here are 3 Best Free Alternatives to SMEStorage.

SMEStorage provides a gateway to sync and access all your existing cloud stored data at a single place. The original files still continue to be on the original platform you stored them on. SMEStorage only stores meta-data information like filename, date uploaded, created, modified etc. SMEStorage supports over 15 cloud storage providers. Their focus is on providing data access and services for individuals and small businesses, but they also offer a dedicated package in which the data is stored on Amazon S3. You can access the service using the iPhone, a Google Gadget, a Facebook Widget, a Joomla Component, a Firefox Plug-In, using Microsoft Windows tooling and integration, etc.Here are free alternatives to SMEStorage that provide some of the similar features.


Dropbox is the best free alternative to SMEStorage. Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that allows large number of user clients across a variety of desktop and mobile operating systems. Dropbox uses cloud computing. Using this cloud computing users can store and share data over the Internet by file synchronization. Dropbox provides 2GB of free online storage which can be extended till 100GB upon subscribing. Dropbox lets you synchronize any file of any size and you can synchronize multiple platform computers as well. Dropbox automatically synchronize as soon as a new file or changes are detected.

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Works With: Windows    Linux    


SugarSync is another good free alternative to SMEStorage. SugarSync automatically syncs your files to the cloud, where you can access them from any device. You can also remotely view files from Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android. SugarSync offers 5 GB of online storage for free, and you can sync unlimited devices. Your files are automatically, securely, and continuously backed up. You will be able to access, share, and edit files and folders from anywhere. Shared folders can be used to share information with friends or co-workers. Any size files can be shared easily with SugarSync.


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Works With: Windows        

Windows Live - Mesh

Windows Live - Mesh is a good replacement for SMEStorage. Windows Live Mesh lets you sync unlimited amount of files directly between your PCs and your online storage. Up to 5GB of files can be stored for free. You will also be able to access your files from any device or from the web. You can also easily share them with others, and get notified whenever someone changes a file. Live Mesh will even let you connect to your computer remotely and access its desktop, as if you were sitting right in front of it. You can also sync your favorites in Internet Explorer, and if you have Microsoft Office installed, you can sync your styles, templates, custom dictionary, and email signatures. When you sync your program settings between two computers, they will stay the same on both. Any changes you make on one computer will be made on the other.

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Works With: Windows        

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